Santa Maria Valley Merlot

As It Was Meant to Be

Templeton and western portions of Paso Robles have consistently proven among California's best areas for growing Merlot - they've been Ken's preferred areas from the start-true Merlot, with plum, berry, fig and mocha characters, and the true richness of the variety.

Merlot needs a long growing season to develop full maturity. The warm daytime temperatures help build a fruit-driven wine, while the cool mornings help maintain organic acids and anthocyiam stability; these factors, in turn, maintain a low pH and color extraction in Merlot.

Not surprisingly, our winemaking is designed to maximize Merlot varietal character. We employ closed-top primary fermentations and long post-fermentation maceration (contact with the grape skins) to get as much extraction as possible and to soften the tannins through their polymerization. Read more about KVV and Merlot.